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Want to grow your business or transform your career to incredible success with material and spiritual abundance?

Hi, my name is Judy van Niekerk, I would love to ask you a quick question -

Do you find yourself completely exhausted and burnt out in your efforts to build your career or business?

and  another question -

Do you feel like your selling your 'soul' in your work? Like you are missing something or there is a void in your life as a result of your work?

A few years ago, if you asked me those questions I would has said YES!

I had overcome a lifetime of extreme challenge and was committed to building a successful life in my adult years, being a successful entrepreneur, living a luxury lifestyle and earning pretty good money. But I was burnt out and desperately unhappy.
No matter how successful the business I created became, no matter how many awards or global acclaim I achieved, the money I earned was lost and I was permanently exhausted and constantly questioning  myself -
 'Is this all there is to life?'

It did not matter how hard I worked, nothing made a difference!

Also as time went on I found myself not recognising myself. I was acting 'out of character' -  I was always angry, resentful, caught in a dog eat dog mindset.

Then I had a massive wake up call - and I lost almost everything, including my beloved husband!
Then I had a massive wake up call - and I almost lost everything, including my beloved husband!
This experience forced me to take a long hard look at myself and my life and what I was doing with it.

I was asking myself - Did I go through those years of challenges throughout my childhood to end up like this?

I knew there was so much more to life and so much more I could do with my life ESPECIALLY because of my experiences - I just knew that I had amazing potential - But I was unable to unlock it or even find what it was!

In a nutshell, as a child I was incarcerated for almost 2 decades physically, sexually and emotionally abused until  I escaped in my early 20's. I managed to carve a pretty good life, with tons of friends and great sports and good jobs - so on the outside everything was perfect - but inside I was in hell, and I was taking a number of overdoses over a period of two years, until the last one - when I woke up in ICU in a Cape Town hospital and I had one of those incredible AHA moments  -  I realised that I had lost connection with a very deep part of me in my efforts to fit in with society, be accepted and belong!

But this was torturing me, this insatiable search for outer acceptance was making me loose my identity and my authenticity - so I could never be alone, I needed to surround myself with distractions. Which of course made it worse.

After that incredible AHA moment in the hospital, I stopped trying to fit in - and started to live my life connected with my inner core - something we all experience at one time or another when we experience challenge in life.

Trying to fit in to society is too high a price to pay if it means sacrificing your own soul
The tragedy is we lose that connection as we continue in life in our endeavors to fit it, and the problem with that is once we have experienced that powerful sense of inner connection and experience the deep inner peace and self love that comes with it - the loss of it is monumental - but we do lose it as soon as we get past the challenge and try and fit in again - only we are not aware of it - and that is where our inner conflict comes from - A feeling that something is missing!
 A knowing that we are not achieving what we deeply know we can! A core sense of knowing that we have not touched on the true depths of our potential!
That is when I learned to Charge my Challenges™ and connect back into my inner authentic self.

We all have 2 purposes in life - the first and most sacred is our inner purpose, is the same for everyone of us - to transcend the limitations of our mind and ego.

And the second our outer purpose, which is unique to every one of us and is what we are here to be, do and have - which serves us in our journey to our inner purpose.

It was when I was on the brink of losing everything -  that I made the incredible connection between what we are here to be, do and have and the role our challenges have in our life in serving our journey to achieving our outer purpose.

Our Challenges as much as our outer purpose work together to nudge us towards our sacred inner purpose!
That was when I made the incredible connection between what we are here to be, do and have and the role our challenges have in our life
And this is when I learned to Capitalise my Challenges™ which has completely and incredibly transformed my life and business.

Since then, in what appears to be in effortless ease, grown a business doing exactly what I love with tremendous success! I have become UNSTOPPABLE!

I have written a bestselling book with Brain Tracy, spoken on stage in several countries including Hollywood, Palm Springs and London with many world leaders and won prestigious  Entrepreneurs'  Success coach award.

Today I have a massively successful business with clients in many countries where I work with them via Skype to transform their business using the same principles that transformed my life! 
As well as pampering to my passion of creating start ups, the last one being The Digital Bra. Already a global brand before we actually offically launch.

I embraced the principles of Charging and Capitalising my Challenges and my business took off with grace and ease
I know without any doubt that you have the potential to create phenomenal transformation in your business or career in as little as 90 days using these principles

I am also convinced that I can help you do that because -

  1. I understand exactly where you are and what you are going through.
  2. I can show you exactly what it takes and how to achieve that transformation with ease and grace.

Because the truth is:  I have done it. I have trained and mentored others to do it and I know in my heart that if you truly want this transformation - you can do it to the same extent I have and more!

If you are really serious about building your thriving business or sky rocketing your career and really serious about understanding your purpose in life and how you can use that purpose to serve others as well as yourself and in the process build your spiritual and material abundance then there is no doubt this is the comprehensive program for you!
During your 90 Day Transformational program you will:
Before, I get into what is included in the program, I want to tell you how it came about -

I have a very high end mastermind program called SACRED Leadership which forms part of the SACRED Leadership Institute that I established sometime ago - it is a 6 month intensive mastermind delving in to pretty advanced business practises where we mould our businesses to grow exponentially using exponential thinking, business practises and technology and it is so popular there is a waiting list. I only have space for 10 people at a time - we do not use any form of traditional marketing for this as the demand is so high.

I really hate not being able to facilitate everyone, so we took a closer look at the applications and it became apparent that there was a need for more one on one time with me - a more intimate mentoring experience for many entrepreneurs.

So we looked at all the elements that were needed for the SACRED Leadership entrepreneur and built a program that offered a solid foundation for the principals of SACRED Leadership and compiled that into a high impact, high energy transformational program - and hence the Capitalise Your Challenges 90 day program was born.

Unlike the SACRED Leadership mastermind, which involves 1 whole day a month together as a group, Capitalise Your Challenges is done via Skype one on one.

This program experience is also limited to a small number of people as I have less and less time to do one on ones due to my time commitment with entrepreneurs in emerging nations.

The Capitalise your Challenges 90 day program consists of the following core elements -

 • 7 Steps to Charging your Challenges
 • 3 Step Formula to Capitalising Your Challenges
 • Comprehensive business map strategy
 • An implementation program

This is for the serious game changer - this is a powerful transformation program that requires a serious ‘can-do’ mind-set and requires commitment to do the work.

This is not a buddy program where we catch up weekly and say nice encouraging things - this is far more than an accountability program - there is serious work required!

I will guide you to overcome your obstacles and clear the path for you to enrich your life spiritually and materially through your business and or career.

You will experience breakthroughs and many ‘aha’ moments as we uncover habits and behavioural patterns that you are unconsciously doing that we can turn around to serve you rather than hold you back!

The outcome of this program is clearing your path to financial and spiritual freedom!

IMPORTANT: To take on this program you need to be clear on one thing - you desire to grow your financial and spiritual  freedom - exactly how you will do that we will uncover during the program - if you are not already clear on that!

This is for people who have a burning desire for success - who want to once and for all take their life forward exponentially with exponential results..unlock their whole potential and use every talent, gift and skill they have in order to achieve what they would truly love to achieve!

Here are some of the results you can expect from Capitalise Your Challenges Program:

 •  Release from any negative emotion that you may be holding onto about challenges you have experienced throughout your life
 • Acknowledging the gifts in your challenges
 • Finding the unique skills and tools you have as a result of all your life experiences - the more challenging the greater the skills
 • Freedom from fear, limiting beliefs and behavioural patterns that no longer serve you
 • Learning to use the skills and tools you have learned through your challenges to your advantage
 • Deep and unwavering understanding of what your outer purpose is - what you are here to be, do and have
 • Clarity on your business / career direction and goals - congruent and aligned
 • Transition plan to get you from where you are now to where you would need to be
 • Increased self worth - which will also increase your nett worth
 • Confidence in your business and your pricing
 • A comprehensive business map giving you clarity and a clear road ahead
 • Tools and strategies to move you forward

Who This Is For

The Capitalise Your Challenges Program is for you if you are truly ready to break into new paradigms and accept the full potential you have once and for all and you need to meet the following criteria:

 • You have not hit 6 figures in your business yet
 • Your business is still new or new-ish
 • You feel you have reached a ceiling in your business or career
 • You day job is uninspiring to you and you can’t see a way out or are afraid to make the leap
 • You find yourself exhausted and drained from your business not just tired and inspired
 • You are 100% committed to doing what it takes to build your material and spiritual wealth
 • You are prepared for some straight talking from me
 • You are prepared to take the action required from the program - that takes a burning desire where you will commit instead of opting for immediate gratifying distractions which are guaranteed to ensure you remain stuck.

Who This is NOT For:

 • For people want a friendly ear to tell their story over and over
 • For people who are defensive and want an excuse for everything
 • Those who want to remain a victim or even a survivor of their experiences instead of Thriving
 • For those who are not completely committed to becoming the greatest version of themselves possible
 • For those who will not listen to hard truths and even harsh language
 • For those that do not believe that spiritual and material abundance are of equal importance and we have a God given right to both equally
 • For those looking for a quick fix or a done for you solution to their issues

OK - The What and Where:

Kick Off - A 90 minute Kick Off session by Skype - you will be sent some homework to prepare for this which will take you about 90 minutes to complete.
Interim - Weekly Skype calls for 9 weeks

Close Off - A 90 minute planning session for the way forward

On Going Access - E-mail access for 90 days - where I will respond to your queries and issues.


Once you have completed the program, I will interview you on your area of expertise for one of my Podcasts Inspirational Messenger or Inspired Wealth (whichever is appropriate) which is shared and syndicated across numerous networks which you can download to share and use as you wish.

Imagine living a life without the exhaustion - where you are fully in charge of your life and you consciously create everything that you would love on a daily basis and each day you build on your spiritual and material wealth!

Picture your life when each morning you wake up with a sense of excitement and inspired knowing with clarity what you will do and offer that day - how you will serve and be rewarded spiritually and financially.

Visualise a life without inner conflict, self doubt, procrastination, self frustration, low self esteem - visualise your life with great self and nett worth!

Imagine your life knowing and not hoping  - knowing that what you chose to create is simply a decision away.

Conjure up the feeling you will get when you know that you have transcended your own needs and are now serving the needs of others - you are paying it forward - for others to achieve the same place of inner peace as you are experiencing - all because you served yourself first!

The Investment for the Capitalise Your Challenges Program:

Reserve your spot for this transformational program for $4500 / £2850  / €3550

Judy demonstrates a woman who has taken significant challenges and turned them into opportunities and is now making a massive difference in the world and bringing her heart and wisdom into serving the world as she demonstrates the power of charging your challenges through exemplification.
As Albert Einstein said ‘Exemplification is the greatest teacher’ and  Judy exemplifies what is possible for all human beings.
Dr John Demartini
World Renown Human Behavior Specialist, Educator, Business Consultant and NY Times bestselling Author

Judy shows you exactly how to unlock your phenomenal potential in her work. Packed with valuable guidance and expert advice. You will love her
Janet Attwood
co-author of New York Times bestseller
The Passion Test

Highlighting her own story, Judy shows how we can unlock  the 'inner technology' we all possess in order to live a full and satisfying life.
Marci Shimoff
Professional Speaker
#1 New York Times Best selling Author
Happy for no Reason, Love for no Reason
Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

Judy has overcome seemingly overwhelming challenges and delved deep into herself to draw out the lessons and benefits she has learned, so that she could gives you the tools to empower yourself knowing that there is amazing growth and opportunity with every challenge and obstacle you experience on your journey through life and by embracing them you to create your magnificent life. She is inspiring with a gift to empower.
Raymond Aaron
Professional Speaker
New York Times Best Selling Author

I have written an International Bestselling book
And founded International Day to Celebrate Your Challenges; a global movement to empower millions around the world to let heal and thrive after challenge.